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While the iPhone is the most popular iOS device, the iPad is fast catching up. With its bigger screen, it is far easier for users to do some things and that includes accessing the iOS file system and managing it using an app called iFile [ about ]. Until now, we could only get iFile on iPad by installing a jailbreak and downloading Cydia first but, now that jailbreaks are becoming more scarce, a new method has had to be found. We have the steps to that method below, a way of installing iFile onto your iPad without the need to jailbreak first.

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How to Download iFile on iPad :

We are going to use an app called Cydia Impactor to side load iFile onto your iPad. You can’t install it directly without using a jailbreak so this is the only way to do it. You will need your iPad, a computer with the Windows or Mac operating system on it and a valid Apple ID

  1. First, download iFile app on your computer
  2. Next, download Cydia Impactor onto your iPad [ ext link ] 
  3. Now you can follow the instructions in the linked article in Step 2 . These will walk you through the steps of using Cydia Impactor to side load iFile onto your iPad so make sure you follow them very carefully
  4. When you have iFile on your iPad, you will not be able to use it until you have completed one more step. Launch the Settings app on your iPad
  5. Go to General and then to Profiles & Device Management  
  6. There will be a list of the certificates on your iPad so find iFile and tap on it
  7. Now you need to tap on Trust and then on Trust again to confirm your actions
  8. Close Settings and go to the iFile icon , tap on it and you will have access to your file system 

One thing you should know is that, by side loading iFile onto your iPad without a jailbreak, you are not getting full root access and iFile will be sandboxed. What this means is that your access to some files and directories will be limited as will your ability to write; that will be limited to specified folders only. Despite this, you will still have way more access than you would otherwise so you really have little to lose by trying it out.

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