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iFile app is a well known app to jailbreakers the world over. It is a file manager app , one that gives you access to the file system on your iOS device, like Windows Explorer and Finder do on their respective computer operating systems. iFile download without computer is also possible with HipStore app. iFile also allows you to manage and make changes to the files that are on your device. It allows you to view many different types of app, including PDF, media, Web archive, iWork files and much more besides and it also provides you with multiple ways of handling the software and multimedia files on your device, as well as the ability to move files on and off your device in several different ways.

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There is a way to get a limited version of iFile onto your iPhone or iPad without having to install a jailbreak first. It involves the use of a tool called Cydia Impactor and the need to download the .ipa file of the app. It is a simple method provided you follow the instructions properly and we will give you a link to that later. First, not everyone knows what an ipa file is.

What is an .ipa File ?

IPA files are Apple OS files with the file extension .ipa. They are somewhat similar to zip files, holding the data that is needed to make an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch app. All types of app, be they games, media, social networking, or any other, require a .ipa file in order to work, as do all jailbreak apps and regardless of the type of app, the .ipa structure is identical, containing a payload file with all the app data, a JPEG or PNG file for the icon and a .plist file with all the app and developer information in it.

When you download one of these apps using iTunes, the .ipa file will be stored on your Mac or PC. This means that, irrespective of whether the app is a genuine app store one or a jailbreak app, to download the .ipa file you need to use a valid Apple ID. This is so that Cydia Impactor can sign the certificate that goes with the app, allowing you to use it.

Download iFile .ipa :

We have prepared a set of instructions for you to follow to download iFile without jailbreaking first and you can find them in the linked article below, along with a download link for the .ipa file :

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