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Now that iOS 11 has been released, it remains to be seen whether or not we get a jailbreak for it. iFile for iOS 11 is also available on HipStore app. We saw with iOS 10 that Apple had made things very difficult and the only developer to come up with a jailbreak utility was Luca Todesco, providing us with Yalu Jailbreak. However, it was a limited jailbreak and not everyone could use it so we can only hope that iOS 11 is better.

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Right now, there is a large percentage of iOS users who are unable to download their favorite tweaks and the one that is being missed the most is iFile. This is a File Manager app that provides us with the access to our file system that Apple won’t allow and it also lets us customize it and manage it how we want to.

There is some good news; even without a jailbreak, you can now download iFile onto your iOS 11 device and we’re going to show you how.

How to Download iFile iOS 11 :

You can’t go to the iOS app store and get iFile simply because Apple are never going to allow you to download an app that gets you into the file system. That said, it is safe and we are going to show you how to get it on your iOS device.

Method 1: Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. From the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, open http://ifile.store or use this ( alternate link )
  2. Wait for the page to open and the look for the UP arrow at the top or bottom of the screen, tap it and a new page opens 
  3. Tap on Add to Home Screen from the options on the screen 
  4. A new page opens with a box, type iFile to name the icon . Tap the Add button and close Safari 
  5. The iFile icon is on your home screen 

Video: Shows the steps to download iFile on iOS 11

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

This is a little more complex so follow these steps carefully:

  1. From the Safari browser go to this [ link
  2. Wait for the iFile information page to load and then tap on the Install link so that the profile can be downloaded
  3. When your Settings app has opened, tap the link to Install Profile and input your passcode
  4. Safari browser opens; tap on Install iFile and then on Install when the confirmation box appears
  5. Settings will open again, tap on Install 
  6. Tap Next > Done and wait for iFile to be installed

If you can’t see the iFile icon, the installation wasn’t successful so go back over the steps

Method 3: ACMarket Installer [ Advanced Method ]

You won’t find iFile in the iOS app store, but you can download it through a third-party app store called ACMarket. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download ACMarket on your device [ ext link ] 
  2. Open it and run a search for iFile 
  3. Tap on the result that is supported for iOS 11 and wait for the iFile installation to finish
  4. Tap the icon on your homepage to open and use iFile  

Method 4 : Cydia Impactor [ Expert Method ]

We are going to show you to download iFile app using Cydia Impactor. Anyone who has used the last few jailbreaks will be familiar with this tool, designed to help us get unsigned apps onto our devices easily. Because Cydia Impactor digitally signs the apps, you are going to need your Apple ID and you will also need a PC on Windows or a Mac:

  1. On your computer, download the iFile IPA – https://cydiainstaller.app/ifile/
  2. Next, download Cydia Impactor [ext link] onto your computer 
  3. Follow the instructions in the link in Step 2 to side load iFile onto your iOS device using Cydia Impactor
  4. Once you have completed that, iFile will be on your device but you cannot use it just yet. First, you need to Trust the app certificate so open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management 
  5. Find the iFile certificate and tap on the Trust button; tap Trust again
  6. Come out of settings and iFile will now work.

For those of you that are used to using the Cydia [ext link] version of iFile, be aware that this version wont supply you with full root access. You will only be able to access certain directories and files but you will at least have more access than Apple allows you.

Fix iFile Not Working Issue:

iFile works perfectly for all users with the exception of one issue, when you install it, it will crash a few days later and, although you can reinstall it to get it back, it will only crash again. Why? Because Apple doesn’t allow it into the app store, they don’t sign the app certificate, and this means they don’t consider it as a valid app. Because of that, they will revoke that app certificate, and this is what makes iFile crash. To stop this from happening, you must install Anti Revoke.

This small and unobtrusive tool is quite powerful in that it can prevent the iFile certificate form being revoked so click the link below for more details and a tutorial on downloading Anti Revoke:

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  1. hello, unfortunately ios 11 admits only 64 bit apps, so this version of Ifile is useless 🙁 . i tried and get this error: ‘Failed to find matching arch for 32-bit Mach-O input file’

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