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iFile is one of the most popular and most downloaded of all Cydia tweaks but, right now, we are seeing fewer updates to Cydia as Apple evolves their iOS version to be more secure. There is another way to download iFile onto your iPhone or iPad without a jailbreak though and later on, we will give you the links to the tutorials that you need. First, let’s look at what iFile is and what it can do.

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What is iFile ?

iFile is a File Manager app that, with Cydia, runs under user root. It provides users with full access to all the files on your iOS device, in a similar way to Finder works on your Mac and Explorer works on Windows PCs. In short, iFile is an advanced management tool that allows you to customize your iOS device files.

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iFile Features :

iFile allows you to navigate quickly through your iPhone or iPad file system using multiple tabs. This lets you see many different types of file, including :

  • Images
  • Web archives
  • Sound
  • Movies
  • Text
  • PDFs
  • HTML
  • Apple iWork
  • Microsoft files
  • Compressed format files

Image : iFile on iPad

As well as seeing the different types of files, iFile also allows you to handle your multimedia and software files with flexibility, carrying out actions such as:

  • Moving, renaming, copying and pasting files
  • Editing text and property lists, like configuration files
  • Installing .deb packages
  • Packing and unpacking zip files along with other compressed formats
  • Importing files, including MP3s, into the library for your iPod

You can use iFile to move files in and out of your iPhone or iPad in the following ways:

  • Uploading and downloading files using the built-in iFile web server, through a browser or via a network drive
  • Managing your FTP or Dropbox files; copying them and moving them
  • Using a Toshiba FlashAir card to show and download your files
  • Sending files as attachments to emails
  • Mounting Apple DMG (Disc Image) files
  • Using Bluetooth to send files to iFile on a different device

iFile also integrates fully with Safari Download Manager, AttachmentSaver and Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing

As you can see, iFile is an incredibly useful tool to have and to download it without using a jailbreak, you can check out the linked article below for a full tutorial on how to do it :

Be sure and let us know how you get on with downloading iFile in this way and what you think of it. For all the latest updates, follow us on Facebook .

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